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The UK welcomes highly skilled people from overseas and offers the Global Talent Visa for those endorsed in science, humanities, engineering, medicine, research, digital technology or the arts. Even if you qualify for a Global Talent Visa, previously titled the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa, it can be difficult to apply and succeed without legal support. The Global Talent Visa solicitors at Latitude Law are on hand to guide you through the process of a successful visa application.

Who can apply for a Global Talent Visa?

Anyone who is regarded as an exceptional talent in the fields of science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts can apply for a Global Talent Visa.

You need to demonstrate that you are either:

  • A recognised leader (global talent) or,
  • An emerging leader (global promise)

The full list of fields from which applicants are eligible to apply to live and work in the UK is as follows:

  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Digital and Tech
  • Engineering
  • Fashion
  • Film and TV
  • Humanities
  • Medicine
  • Science

What are the Global Talent Visa requirements?

The UK Global Talent Visa is designed to attract individuals who are leaders or potential leaders in specific fields, which means that there are several eligibility requirements. Specific guidelines and criteria that must be met are set by each endorsing body within these fields.

Endorsements must come from a recognised UK body such as Arts Council England, The British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society, Tech Nation, or UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Applicants need to provide proof of recognition for work outside their immediate occupation that has contributed to the advancement of their field. This could include evidence of awards, media coverage, speaking engagements, and published work. As well as demonstrating their leadership status, applicants must have enough money to support themselves without recourse to public funds. This means having a certain amount of personal savings.

A criminal record certificate may be required from any country where the applicant has lived for more than 12 months in the last ten years; and tuberculosis test results, if the applicant is from a country where they are required to take this test.

Unlike other visas, the Global Talent Visa does not have an English language requirement.

It’s important to note that the Global Talent Visa is not a points-based category, but eligibility is subject to the discretion of the endorsing bodies, which have their own criteria for endorsement.

What is the Global Talent Visa (UK)?

In 2020, the existing Exceptional Talent visa route was replaced with the Global Talent visa by the UK Home Office. The route was designed to position and promote the United Kingdom as the number one destination in which to live and develop ideas, products and prowess in fields such as digital technology. One advantage of the Global Talent visa is the removal of a cap on the number of visas that can be issued (although this cap was never reached when it applied to the previous visa). Other benefits include the visa having no restrictions on job offers, salary requirements or the level of English required from applicants. You can also bring dependents to the UK, who will also be able to work or study.

The new visa expands the number of organisations and academic institutions that can act as endorsing bodies, with key ones including:

  • Arts Council England
  • The British Academy
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering
  • The Royal Society
  • Tech Nation
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

How we can help

Applying for a visa to live and work in the UK can be a long, complicated process. Our team of solicitors has vast experience in immigration law and can offer help and support at every stage of the process. Whether you need assistance compiling documents for your application, or require legal help with the judicial review, administrative review or appeals system, Latitude Law will ensure you get the best possible chance of successfully securing a UK visa. Contact us today to make sure you get expert legal guidance.

To find out how to get a Global Talent Visa (UK), call our team today. We will discuss the steps you will need to take and whether you are eligible, and we will guide you through the process of applying from start to finish.

Why choose Latitude Law?

We aim to help professionals navigate the complex UK immigration system and the exceptional talent rules that govern this type of visa. Our lawyers are experts in immigration rules, Home Office policy and the case law that guides the courts and tribunals. Our legal expertise, passion for immigration law, and advocacy skills have allowed us to help countless clients reach their end goal of living and working in the UK. For Global Talent Visa guidance, call our experts today.

FAQs About Global Talent

Am I eligible for a Global Talent visa?

The global talent route is for people who are highly skilled in the science, humanities, engineering, research, arts and digital technology sectors. To be granted a Global Talent Visa, you should be able to demonstrate that your skills will enhance the UK’s economy and/or culture. From 1st January 2021, this includes those from EEA countries or Switzerland.

How long is a Global Talent visa valid for?

Your Global Talent Visa will be valid for up to five years if you apply from within the UK, or five years and four months if you apply from outside of the UK. If you have been in the UK for three years on a Global Talent Visa, you can apply for permanent residence, whereas you usually have to wait five years to apply for permanent residence on a Global Promise Visa. However, those endorsed in the fields of science or research may qualify for the accelerated three-year settlement option whether endorsed as a talent or promise applicant.

What costs are involved in applying for a Global Talent visa?

There are usually two stages to the application process, and different costs are involved depending on where you are applying from. These are detailed below:

  • Stage 1: Endorsement – £524
  • Stage 2: Visa application – £192

How much does it cost to hire a Global Talent Visa lawyer?

We can’t state exactly how much our service will cost without first knowing your goals and needs – your legal fees will depend on the unique aspects of your case. Additional costs could also arise during the application process. When you first contact us, we will have an initial consultation to discuss your circumstances and the expected fees.

Can you switch from a Skilled Worker visa to Global Talent?

Yes, as long as you don’t have leave in one of the following routes:

  • as a Visitor; or
  • as a Short-term Student; or
  • as a Parent of a Child Student; or
  • as a Seasonal Worker; or
  • as a domestic worker in a private household; or
  • outside the Immigration Rules.

What information must I disclose on my application?

When applying for exceptional talent status, you must provide the following:

  • a valid passport or an equivalent travel identification document
  • a copy of your endorsement letter
  • a copy of any criminal record documents for any country you’ve lived in for in the last 10 years

How do I extend my Global Talent visa?

You can apply to extend your visa up to 28 days before your current visa expires. You are eligible to remain within the UK until you have received confirmation of your application status, provided you applied before your visa expiry date.

What is the difference between Global Talent and Skilled Worker visas?

A skilled worker is someone employed by a specific company to perform a specific role. The activities you can undertake in the UK under a Skilled Worker Visa are limited, and you need permission to change your job (whether you are changing your employer or changing to a new role for the same employer). Global Talent migrants have a much greater degree of freedom and can perform any role they like within their sphere of expertise.

What should I do if my application is refused?

If you are refused for endorsement, you may be able to apply for review or you may be able to reapply. We recommend taking advice on your endorsement application, to ensure that you meet the specifications of your endorsing body and present evidence of your achievements clearly and persuasively.

What documents are needed to apply for the Global Talent Visa?

When applying for the Global Talent Visa, the following documents are typically required:

  1. A valid passport or other travel identification document.
  2. An endorsement letter from a recognised UK body, such as Arts Council England, The British Academy, The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Royal Society, Tech Nation, or UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).
  3. Evidence of your awards, recognitions and significant contributions to your field, which could include media recognition, prizes or scholarly publications.
  4. A copy of your tuberculosis (TB) test results, if applicable.
  5. Documents showing your continuous residence in the UK, if you are applying from within the country.
  6. Criminal record certificates from any country you have lived in for a total of 12 months or more, over the last ten years.

Additional documents may be required depending on your situation, which our team of solicitors can help you to identify and collate.

How long does it typically take to process a Global Talent Visa application?

The Global Talent Visa application involves two stages: securing an endorsement and applying for the visa itself. The first stage – getting endorsed by an approved body – usually takes about eight weeks. Once you have your endorsement, the visa application process typically takes three weeks if you are applying from within the UK, or up to three weeks after your biometric appointment if applying from outside the UK.

It is important to note that processing times can vary based on individual circumstances and the volume of applications being processed by the UK Home Office at any given time. Make sure to plan accordingly and apply well in advance of when you intend to move to the UK.

How experienced is Latitude Law in handling Global Talent Visa applications?

Among other types of visas, we have helped countless new Global Talent Visa holders and applicants to successfully enter the UK, or to manage aspects of their visa. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today, or visit our case studies page.

Can you assist with relocation and settlement services after obtaining the Global Talent Visa?

Our services can help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a UK resident, advise on the path to permanent settlement, and provide legal support should you wish to bring family members to the UK. We can also signpost you to trusted partners who specialise in relocation services, such as finding accommodation, schools, and healthcare services, to ensure you have a smooth transition to life in the UK.

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