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In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, whilst maintaining a visa requirement, the Home Office introduced three new routes for Ukrainians – the Ukraine Family Scheme, the Ukraine Extension Scheme, and Homes for Ukraine. Those arriving, or applying for leave, under one of these schemes could stay in the UK for up to three years with the right to work, study, and claim public funds. Note that both the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Extension Scheme are now closed, however the government have implemented a Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme which will open at some point in early 2025 and which will offer a further 18 months’ leave to eligible applicants.

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The Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family Scheme allowed certain UK residents to sponsor Ukrainian relatives who would not normally qualify for a family visa. The Ukrainian applicant must have been ordinarily resident in Ukraine immediately before 1st January 2022, unless they are a child born on or after that date. The Ukraine Family Scheme closed on 19 February 2024.

Those already in the UK may in the future be able to extend leave under the Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme (see below) or if they are outside the UK, to apply under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme (see below).

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The Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The Homes for Ukraine scheme allows Ukrainians to come to the UK if they have a sponsor willing to let them stay in their home, or in a separate property, for at least six months. The UK sponsor will need to provide a residential spare room or separate self-contained accommodation that is unoccupied.

To be eligible under this scheme, an applicant must be:

  1. A Ukrainian national
  2. A Ukrainian national's partner, fiancé(e), or proposed civil partner
  3. A Ukrainian national's child or their partner’s child aged under 18
  4. A Ukrainian national's parent (where the child is also applying)

The applicant must also:

  • Have been living in Ukraine on or before 1st January 2022, unless they are a child born on or after this date
  • Be outside the UK on the date of application
  • Have an approved UK-based sponsor. The sponsor must be a British or Irish national, or be settled in the UK. Where a family group is applying under the scheme, it must have the same approved sponsor.

Prospective sponsors can register their interest online. Interested sponsors can also get in touch with charities, faith groups, and local community organisations to make connections with individuals/families. You do not need to have any family ties with the individual or family in order to sponsor them.

Eligible sponsors can receive £350 per month for up to 12 months for sponsoring one or more people at one address, as an optional 'thank you payment'. At the end of the six-month period, the Home Office has stated that individuals can continue to sponsor Ukrainian citizens for a longer period, but this is not required for the individual(s) to stay in the UK.

If you believe you or your family member may be eligible for this route and you want to come to the UK, or you would like more information about your legal rights and responsibilities as a sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, please contact our immigration solicitors.

If you are a Ukrainian national already in the UK, there may be other ways for you to remain in the UK, for example, the future Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme (see below). Please contact us for more information about the routes available to you and advice on making a visa application

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Ukraine Extension Scheme

The Ukraine Extension Scheme closed on 16 May 2024, except for children born in the UK. The scheme granted leave to Ukrainian nationals and their immediately family where they had been resident in the UK on 18 March 2022 (later extended to 16 November 2023) or else where they had held leave before 1 January 2022 and this leave had then expired.

Now this route is closed, it may instead be possible to extend leave under the Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme, discussed below.

Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme

In February 2024, the UK government announced the introduction of a new Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme, which will be open to applications from early 2025. Applicants will be able to apply up to 3 months before their permission expires and can be granted a further 18 months’ leave.

To apply, applicants will usually hold leave under one of the following routes:

  • Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine)
  • Ukraine Family Scheme
  • Ukraine Extension Scheme

Those who previously held leave under one of the above routes then switched to another immigration category may also be eligible to apply.

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Ukrainian nationals Options FAQs

How long is a visa granted under the Ukraine Scheme valid?

The only scheme which is currently open to applicants is the Homes for Ukraine scheme, which results in a period of 18 months’ leave. When the Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme opens, successful applications will also result in an 18 month grant of leave.

Can I extend my visa under the Ukraine Scheme?

Not at present but you may be able to extend up to 3 months before its expiry once the Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme opens in early 2025.

What should I do if my application is refused?

There is no right of appeal or administrative review for applications under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, however you are able to reapply as many times as you like. If the only reason for refusal is that the Sponsor is unsuitable, applicants should be signposted to the Ukrainian Sponsorship Pathway to find a new Sponsor. Speak to Latitude Law if your application has been refused to discuss your options further.

Can a Ukraine Scheme visa lead to settlement?

Currently leave under the Ukraine Scheme does not lead to settlement, although it can be counted as permission for a 10 years’ continuous lawful residence settlement application.

Can I bring family members on a Ukraine Scheme visa?

Yes, immediate family members can also come to the UK.

Can I switch to another visa category?

Yes, you are able to switch to other visa routes inside the UK

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