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Latitude Consulting Group (t/a Latitude GB®) are global mobility and migration specialists offering their Far East Asian clients UK in-bound immigration support, in partnership with Latitude Law, coupled with bespoke business consultancy. Their holistic approach offers their business and personal clients real added value in identifying relocation opportunities linked to pragmatic immigration options.

Latitude Consulting Group's services include:

UK Voyager 360°

Latitude GB help their clients overcome the unique challenges of relocation from the Far East to the UK. By providing a range of services from language & cultural training, immigration & visa solutions, networking and more, they ensure their clients receive tailored, expert advice to help bridge the cultural divide and ensure a smooth, stress-free global transition.

Business Expansion Planning

Whether an entrepreneur starting up a new venture or a corporation looking to expand into the UK market, Latitude GB can help businesses navigate the potential pitfalls of operating in the UK, from relevant regulations & compliance to market research & strategic planning.

Entrepreneurship Cultivation & Training

Latitude GB coach international graduates, who do not have business experience, in developing and launching a new enterprise. From working up potential new business ideas, securing finance to dealing with official UK bodies, this dedicated training allows graduates to build up entrepreneurial confidence to unlock their full potential, and ultimately equips clients with the necessary knowledge and business acumen to successfully launch a business venture in the UK. Our UK in-bound immigration specialists work in tandem with the consultancy team to secure the appropriate UK visa.

Talent Matching & Investment Sourcing

Latitude GB assist UK businesses and entrepreneurs in their search for international candidates, whether as business partners or employees, for their company or start up. Latitude GB can also assist UK businesses seeking to secure overseas investment by connecting them with forward-thinking, ambitious high-net-worth Chinese individuals or parties who are interested in foreign portfolio investment. Business consultancy from Latitude GB will help with everything from implementing a new business ideas to accelerating growth within an established company whilst their immigration experts can secure the most appropriate visa.

Education Advising

As a British Council certified agent, Latitude GB work in partnership with UK education providers to create a high-quality experience for prospective international students who are considering studying and living in the UK. Latitude GB can connect clients with the very best independent boarding schools across the UK, as well as sourcing educational materials and tutors for students who require assistance with entrance exams or the UK curriculum.

China Strategy

Latitude GB offer expert guidance to both individual entrepreneurs or corporations seeking to enter the Chinese market. Creating tailored business strategies to maximise investment through our in-depth understanding of the complexities and sensitivities of Far Eastern business practices. Latitude GB provides comprehensive support from initial guidance to completing all in-country requirements to continuous compliance monitoring. 

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