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UK law is focused on keeping families together wherever possible, but the complexities of modern families means that this is not always straightforward. To summarise this route, any child under the age 18 whose parents are relocating to the UK for a long-term purpose such as a work assignment, travelling to the UK for the purposes of settlement or one of whom is British, may apply for entry clearance in the child dependant category. UK authorities will require you to provide various supporting documents to prove that you and your child meet the visa requirements.

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Who can apply for a Child Dependent Visa?

UK visas that allow visa holders to bring their children with them include:

  • Skilled Worker and Senior/Specialist Worker Visa
  • Health and Care Worker Visas (although this only applies to those who had permission on this route before 11 March 2024)
  • Minister of Religion Visas
  • International Sportsperson and Global Talent Visas
  • Innovator Visa
  • Ancestry Visa
  • British National Overseas Visas
  • Certain full-time sponsored Student Visas for researched based degrees

A child whose parent has been granted, or is applying for, one of the above visas may also apply for UK entry clearance as their dependent. Having your child aged under 18 accompany or join you when you relocate to the UK is simple enough when both parents are together. If natural parents are separated, however, expert legal advice is essential as you will have to consider issues such as sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing and whether suitable arrangements have been made for their care.

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Navigating the UK’s Immigration Rules can be tricky, which is why Latitude’s lawyers will be with you every step of the way. The processes and rules involved in this visa can vary significantly according to your personal circumstances. For example, if your child’s natural parents are separated, legal advice will be key in making an application. While you can apply for the child dependant visa yourself, this brings with it the risk of making costly and time-consuming mistakes. You should obtain specialist advice if you have adopted a child, or you have entered into a surrogacy arrangement abroad. Our expert solicitors will help you work all this out in your application process.

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Why choose Latitude Law?

Latitude Law has significant experience of preparing a a wide range of successful Child Dependent Visa applications. We have assisted clients with tackling some of the most complex family circumstances and proving that they meet the rules in spite of these.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of immigration rules, we are able to provide pragmatic advice and meet our clients’ needs. Working with a law firm can be a big decision, which is why we ensure that our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are a highly driven team that is dedicated to providing clear and reliable immigration advice.

As a boutique law firm specialising in UK-inbound immigration, our experts understand the complexity and uncertainty that constantly shifting immigration policies. Our lawyers can provide up-to-the-minute legal advice on your circumstances as well as how any changes will impact your application

We are pleased to be recognised as a leading law firm by the following independent bodies: The Times Best Law Firms 2024, Chambers & Partners 2024, Legal 500 2024 and Who'sWhoLegal 2024. These endorsements from the international legal directories demonstrate our integrity and success in dealing with difficult cases. We are also proud of our 5-star Google reviews from over 150 satisfied clients.

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As the requirements for a child dependant visa are complex, to ensure success, you should seek specialist advice from an immigration solicitor before you proceed with an application. Latitude Law’s specialist lawyers can advise you about your individual requirements and ensure that the conditions of your children dependant visa are compliant with the very latest immigration rules.

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FAQs about Child Dependant Visas

Must both parents live in the UK to be eligible for a child visa?

Usually, both parents need to live in the UK for their child to secure a dependant visa. However, only one parent needs to be in the UK if they have sole responsibility for the child or there are compelling reasons why the child should be granted a visa. Ultimately, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) aims to make decisions in the best interests of the child, which may include granting a child dependant visa even if only one parent lives in the UK, under particular circumstances.

It can be complicated to secure a dependent child visa in the UK, especially because eligibility criteria may change depending on the specific circumstances. Speak to Latitude Law for advice on making a UK dependant visa application, as our support can help you to gain the best possible result.

Do I need to have been granted indefinite leave to remain for my child to gain British citizenship?

In theory, you do not need settled status or indefinite leave to remain in order for your child to be granted permanent residence. The Secretary of State can exercise discretion and register your child as a British citizen if it is considered appropriate, having regard to published Home Office guidance. Practically, you must show that your child’s future is in the UK.

Does a child need to demonstrate a good understanding of the English language?

Unlike for certain visa applications for adults, there is no requirement for a child to demonstrate an understanding of the English language in order to secure a visa.

What is the expected processing time for my child's visa application?

Home Office service standards differ depending on the type of visa applied for. Our legal team can advise you of current waiting times for both standard and – where available – priority processing in your chosen visa category.

What happens if my child's visa application is refused?

If your child’s visa is refused, you may be entitled to pursue an administrative review or an appeal. You will normally be told your options with your refusal decision. Note that both these options are currently taking many months to resolve – in the case of administrative review, often more than a year. It may therefore be better to simply re-apply.

Can step-children be included in child dependant visas?

A step-child can be eligible for a child dependant visa, but you may be required to provide additional supporting documents in your application. These include:

  • Proof that the parent or step-parent making the application has legal responsibility for the child
  • Permission from the child’s other biological parent to live in the UK
  • Evidence that they are responsible for organising the day-to-day upbringing of the child, such as schooling and care

If your application does not make these points fully clear, the Home Office will want to investigate the situation further until they are satisfied that it is in the family’s best interests for the child to acquire a visa and move to the UK.

What makes a child a 'dependant'?

For a child to be eligible for a child dependant visa, they must be considered a dependant of the main parent who is making the application. This means the child must be under the age of 18, unmarried and not leading an independent life outside the UK.

If you are concerned about your child's ability to secure a UK visa, speak to the team at Latitude Law. We can advise you on whether or not the child is considered a dependant of the main applicant under UK law and their eligibility for this type of visa - if they are not eligible, we can also discuss other visa routes that may be more suitable for their needs.

What documents are required for a child dependant visa application?

There are several types of documentation you may need to supply as part of your application form. The exact evidence you need to supply will depend on your country of origin, and you may be asked for other types of evidence at the discretion of UKVI. The most common types of documentation are a passport, and proof of the child's relationship to the main applicant. You may need to include the results of a tuberculosis test, depending on the country your child lives in. If asked, you must provide evidence that the child will have suitable accommodation in the UK and that you meet any relevant eligibility requirements to sponsor them.

What are the fees for a UK dependant visa application?

The current visa fee for dependants is £1,846 if you apply from outside the UK, or £1,048 if you apply from within the UK or switch from another visa route. However, these are regularly subject to change and it is vital to check official guidance from the UK government to confirm that this is correct.

Can a child dependent work or study in the UK?

A child dependant can study at any level of education in the UK provided they are under the age of 18. A dependant family member who is over 18 or who wants to work may be able to do so but restrictions will apply. To attend university, they may need to apply for a Student visa in their own right. They will be treated as international students for the purposes of university fees, unless they are settled in the UK and can demonstrate three years’ residence.

It is important to note that the child must always comply with the specific conditions of their visa and should not engage in any work or activities that are not allowed under their visa category. The child's sponsor (usually their parent or legal guardian) is responsible for ensuring that the child complies with all visa requirements. If the child wishes to pursue higher education in the UK or engage in full-time work as an adult, they will need to transition to the appropriate visa category. Speak to the team at Latitude Law for advice on visa category restrictions and choosing the right visa route for your needs.

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