Sponsor Licence Management

Once a sponsor licence is issued, organisations have a number of duties that they must adhere to. These include reporting, record-keeping, complying with immigration laws and sponsorship guidance.

Latitude Law has a team of experienced immigration lawyers who can provide advice to sponsors to ensure compliance with their sponsorship duties.

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What are the responsibilities of a sponsor licence holder?

Reporting duties include informing the Home Office (UKVI) if:

  • A sponsored worker/student does not turn up for the first day of work/study
  • A sponsored worker/student is absent from work/lessons without your permission for 10 consecutive days
  • A sponsored worker resigns or is dismissed, or a student quits
  • You stop sponsoring a worker or student
  • There are any changes to the sponsored worker’s/student’s circumstances
  • There are changes to your own organisation, including changes to the structure
  • If sponsored employment is affected by TUPE or a similar transfer

Any updates concerning a sponsor licence holder or a sponsored worker/student are reported via the Sponsor Management System (SMS). Many of the above must be reported within 10 working days, so it is important that organisations have processes in place that ensure key personnel are made aware of any updates well in advance of the 10-working -day deadline.

How to operate the Sponsorship Management System

The SMS is used to keep records of all migrant employees during your time as their sponsor. This includes reporting any changes to their immigration status, all absences, non-compliance with their visa and any promotions. You also use the SMS to apply for new Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to be issued to overseas workers.

In order to operate the SMS, certain roles need to be filled. These include:

  • Authorising officer – a senior member of staff responsible for the SMS and all staff who have access
  • Level 1 user – a person responsible for the day-to-day running of the SMS, including the assigning of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS), updating records and applying for new CoSs for new employees
  • Key contact – a person who acts as the main point of contact between your organisation and UKVI

These roles can be taken by the same person or shared out – this is usually dependent on the size of the organisation and the number of workers or students you wish to sponsor.

Why choose Latitude Law?

Our immigration solicitors have experience in assisting companies and organisations of all sizes to manage their sponsor licence duties to ensure they are able to sponsor migrant workers and students. We are committed to providing clear, transparent and reliable advice to our clients.

Our sponsor licence management services include:

  • Immigration consultancy
  • Audits of relevant HR functions
  • Time on site to work with your staff to ensure sponsor licence operations are running smoothly
  • Support with reviews if a sponsor licence is suspended or revoked

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Sponsor Licence Management FAQs

What is involved in record keeping?

Record-keeping duties involve organisations retaining specified evidence in relation to their sponsored workers. Such documents must be held throughout the sponsored worker’s employment and for up to one year after sponsorship of the worker or student has ended, unless a Home Office compliance officer examines and approves the documents less than one year after sponsorship has ended.

How often should I be checking the SMS and Certificates of Sponsorship?

Sponsorship guidance advises organisations to check the SMS and Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) at least once a month. The Home Office can reduce or remove CoS/CAS allocation, downgrade a licence rating, suspend the licence, and, in the most severe cases, revoke a sponsor licence. It is therefore extremely important that sponsor organisations understand their duties and manage their sponsor licence correctly.

Are there any staff members not suitable to operate the SMS?

Staff members who are charged with operating the SMS must not:

  • Be a temporary contractor at your organisation
  • Be subject to a bankruptcy restriction order
  • Have any unspent convictions
  • Have received a sponsor licence revocation in the last 12 months
  • Have a history of non-compliance with the Home Office
  • Be predominantly based outside of the UK

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