Specialist immigration solicitors for religious orders

Latitude Law works closely with many churches and religious orders, handling sponsor licensing, preparing applications, advising on immigration policy and helping them navigate immigration issues to ensure best practice and compliance when it comes to the routes available to religious workers. Our team has a wealth of experience working with churches, religious orders and communities, helping with everything from managing visa processes and ensuring sponsor licence compliance to avoiding reputational issues.

Sponsor licensing for religious orders

Sponsor licensing is a critical part of any religious order’s plans to enable ministers, missionaries and other religious workers to work with them in the UK. At Latitude Law, we assist religious organisations in securing a sponsor licence to enable them to sponsor religious workers under the T2 (Minister of Religion) category and T5 (Religious Worker) categories.

Our expert team can assist your organisation with sponsor licence queries, applications and ongoing compliance under UK Home Office regulations. Religious organisations who hold a sponsor licence are subject to various duties. It is important that you are fully aware of both the requirements that apply to individuals under the Minister of Religion category and of your duties as a sponsor – and that’s where we can help.

T2 (Minister of Religion) Visa

The T2 (Minister of Religion) category, which is for qualified ministers, missionaries and members of religious orders, is the route for religious workers who have been offered employment within religious organisations in the UK. Missionaries and members of religious orders can also benefit from this category – you do not necessarily need to be a qualified minister.

At Latitude Law we can assist individuals with their T2 (Minister of Religion applications. Our expert team can provide comprehensive advice about the requirements, and can also prepare the entire application, along with detailed representations explaining how relevant immigration rules are met.

To qualify for this route you must be relocating to the UK in order to undertake mainly pastoral or preaching work, which includes, but is not limited to, leading worship, leading at marriages and funerals and offering counselling and welfare support to members of the organisation.

T5 (Religious Worker)

The T5 Religious Worker visa route is available for religious workers to allow them entry to work in the UK. The majority of T5 religious workers will need an existing job offer from a licensed T5 sponsor in the UK.

Our team can support religious orders in arranging sponsorship of a T5 religious worker, including working with you to make clear what work international religious workers can and cannot do in the UK under this route.

The RLMT is a necessary step in bringing onboard a T5 religious worker from overseas and our team can help religious orders ensure compliance with this step by demonstrating the post cannot be filled by a ‘settled worker’.

How we can help…

We can offer advice and assistance with T2 (Minister of Religion) applications, providing deep knowledge of all the requirements, plus hands-on help with preparing the application itself. This work will be accompanied by detailed representations explaining how relevant Immigration Rules are met. Our expert immigration solicitors can also help religious organisations to secure a sponsor licence, giving them the ability to sponsor religious workers under the T2 (Minister of Religion) category. If your religious organisation already holds a sponsor licence, we can provide consultation that will ensure you are fully aware of the various duties you are subject to, as well as the requirements that apply to individuals under the Minister of Religion category and their expected duties.

Why choose us?

Latitude Law has extensive experience of assisting religious workers and organisations throughout the UK in relation to the T2 (Minister of Religion) and T5 (Religious Worker) queries, and are able to assist with applications by individuals and religious organisations.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about a T2 (Minister of Religion) query, call 0161 234 6800 (Manchester and London) or 0151 305 9600 (Liverpool).

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What our clients say…

Stalled EU Settlement Scheme application

Just to thank you all for the help given with Bodil's EU Settlement Scheme application, which came through in the last few days.

A good friend of ours once said: "People do not employ lawyers because they help; they employ them because they make a difference".

I'm convinced that referral to Latitude did jolt the Home Office into progressing consideration of the application, and it made all the difference.

T & B.

Allowed Appeal

To Gemma and the team, Thank you very much for your amazing job done. You are life savers.

Four British passports

The British passports of my four children successfully reached us this week.

I wanted to thank the Latitude Law Firm for the constant professional support provided to us throughout the process. Your services have been helpful for us at each stage of the process. We would be happy to hire you again in the future for the process of my husband, and would also recommend your firm to others around us.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work of Joel Reiss towards the successful completion of our case. His support for all of us from day 1 till the very last day has been commendable. Me and my children are very thankful to him for the smooth execution.

Looking forward to hiring the firm for our next case as well.

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