Renew Sponsor Licence 

Sponsor licences are valid for four years, and can be renewed for further periods of four years. To renew a sponsor licence, applications must be made within three months of the sponsor licence expiry date.

It is important that organisations apply to extend their sponsor licence before it expires; if a sponsor licence expires, this will result in any sponsored employees no longer having sponsorship, and is likely to impact their immigration status in the UK.

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How to renew a sponsor licence

Before making a sponsor licence renewal application, it is important that sponsors ensure that all sponsorship duties have been complied with, and that licence details are up to date. This is because the Home Office may undertake a compliance visit when considering renewal applications, and they could request documents or information about an organisation or a sponsored worker. If the correct documents are not provided, the Home Office could take action against the sponsor.

Our solicitors can complete a mock audit to ensure that you are complying with your sponsorship duties prior to the submission of a sponsor licence renewal application.

The process of renewing your sponsor licence includes the following steps:

  1. Log in to submit a request within the Sponsor Management System (SMS)
  2. From the ‘Licence summary, application and services’ screen, click ‘Licence renewal’
  3. Choose the appropriate renewal fee depending on the size of your company and click ‘Next’
  4. From the ‘Licence renewal declaration screen’, enter the current date, your name and your position in the organisation before ticking the declaration box and clicking ‘Continue
  5. Make the payment of the appropriate renewal fee
  6. Print the sponsor licence renewal submission sheet for your records

Why choose Latitude Law

We are dedicated to helping employers and individuals understand and fulfil their legal obligations. Our award-winning immigration solicitors have been recognised by the Legal 500, Who’s Who Legal and Chambers & Partners for our integrity and success when dealing with difficult cases.

When you instruct us, we will provide detailed consultation and determine the best course of action. Our expert advice has helped many organisations attain sponsor licences. Your business will also benefit from our expertise and our thorough approach to this process.

We provide the following services in relation to sponsor licence renewal:

  • Auditing your immigration and right-to-work processes, including Certificates of Sponsorship and your SMS
  • Making recommendations on any areas you are failing to meet your sponsor licence duties
  • Helping to implement any necessary changes ahead of a sponsor licence renewal application being submitted
  • Assisting in preparation for site visits from the Home Office
  • Helping with the application for renewal of your sponsor licence, including a full check of all documentation required for the renewal
  • Ongoing immigration and sponsor licence compliance support

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Sponsor Licence Renewal FAQs

How much does it cost to extend a sponsor licence?

The Home Office will impose a sponsor licence renewal fee; the fee payable depends on the sponsor organisation type:

  • Charities, small organisations, temporary worker sponsors and student sponsors will pay £536
  • Medium or large sponsors will pay £1,476

What happens if a sponsor licence renewal is rejected?

If a sponsor licence renewal is rejected, organisations will have an opportunity to apply to renew again if the rejective is received before the sponsor licence expiry date.

Can you check your sponsor licence expiry date?

The earliest date on which sponsors can renew their sponsor licence can be found on the Licence Summary page in the SMS. The Home Office will also email sponsors to remind them to renew their sponsor licence. It is vital to keep your contact details up to date so you don’t miss renewal.

How long does the sponsor licence renewal process take?

A sponsor licence renewal usually takes eight weeks to process. You should be prepared for the Home Office to be extremely thorough in vetting your organisation and your sponsorship compliance in relation to renewing a sponsor licence.

To avoid delays in the renewal, you should ensure all your records and processes are fully compliant ahead of the compliance visit and that the application and supporting documents are complete and correct.

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