Deportation Appeal Solicitors

If you or a member of your family is considered for deportation, it is important that you contact a specialist immigration solicitor as soon as possible. The expert immigration lawyers at Latitude Law will advise you on the law, Home Office policy, and appeal procedures.

Who is at risk of deportation?

Foreign and European Union nationals are normally considered for deportation from the UK when they commit a serious criminal offence. Members of your family may also be considered for deportation if you have committed a crime.

If the Secretary of State has decided that you or a member of your family should be deported, you will be given a right to appeal against the decision to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service.

Appeal representation from expert solicitors

The solicitors at Latitude Law are able to provide legal advice and guidance throughout the course of your deportation appeal. Cases are often complex, and it is important that detailed preparation is carried out. We may need to instruct an expert witness to provide the Tribunal with an assessment of your case.

Our immigration lawyers are available to visit you in prison or at a detention centre, providing advice on the appeals process and safeguarding your rights as a Foreign National Prisoner.