Apply for a UK Ancestry Visa

If you want to live and work or study in the UK from overseas, an Ancestry Visa could be an option – provided you can prove you’re eligible. If you meet the requirements, the solicitors at Latitude Law can work with you and provide support and advice on your Ancestry Visa application.

Who can apply for an Ancestry Visa?

You and any dependants could be eligible for an Ancestry Visa if you:

  • Are a Commonwealth citizen
  • Are applying outside of the UK
  • Are able to prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK
  • Are planning to work in the UK
  • Meet the other eligibility requirements

You have to be 17 or over to apply and already have enough money to house you and any dependants in the country without support from UK public funds.

It’s important to know that the earliest you can apply for your Ancestry Visa is three months before you travel. The waiting time for a decision is three weeks.

If your visa application is accepted, you can stay in the UK for five years, and may be able to extend this further by applying for a UK Ancestry Visa renewal, or even apply to settle in the UK.

The fee for the UK Ancestry Visa is £516, and a healthcare surcharge will also be applied.

How we can help

Applying for a UK Ancestry Visa doesn’t have to be stressful. With support from the legal team at Latitude Law, we can help at every step of the application process. Our solicitors are experts in immigration law and will be your one-point-of-contact throughout your application.

UK Ancestry Visa applications can require lots of paperwork, sourcing certificates proving your and your ancestors’ birthrights. So from helping you compile the right documentation to guiding you through application processes, we are determined to put forward the strongest possible case for you and your family to live and work in the UK.

Why choose Latitude Law?

When it comes to an in-depth knowledge of immigration law, Home Office policy, and case law, Latitude Law are experts. We’re proud of our reputation within our industry, and work tirelessly to maintain it through our meticulous casework and advocacy skills.

We’re committed to ensuring you have the best possible chance of living and working in the UK. So when it comes to applying for an Ancestry Visa – or renewing your Ancestry Visa in the UK – Latitude Law is the right choice for legal support.

Ancestry Visa Q&As

Am I eligible for a UK Ancestry visa?

Yes, if you are a Commonwealth citizen aged 17 or over, with a UK-born grandparent. You must intend to work in the UK, and be able to support yourself and any dependants.

When can I apply for an Ancestry visa?

Any time after turning 17; you must apply for an ancestry visa from outside the UK.

What fees are involved in applying?

The cost of a UK Ancestry visa is currently £516. In addition, an Immigration Health Surcharge is payable.

Can I bring dependants to the UK on an Ancestry visa?

Yes, the usual spouse or partner of 2 years or more, and children living in the same household aged under 18.

What documents will I need to provide alongside my application?

When you apply for a UK ancestry visa you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport or another travel document, with a blank page to put the visa
  • Proof that you have the finances required to support yourself
  • Your full birth certificate
  • If your married partner or civil partner wants to join you in the UK, you will need to provide the necessary certificates or documents
  • Valid birth certificates of the relative your ancestry claim is based on
  • Adoption papers if you are adopted
  • Proof that you are planning on working in the UK – this can be evidence of job offers you’ve received from a registered UK business, or a legitimate business plan if you are self-employed

You will also need to provide your tuberculosis test results if you’re from a country where the test is required.

Do I need a good knowledge of the English language to apply for an Ancestry visa?

There is no English language requirement in this immigration category.

Can a sponsor or relative support me financially if I'm arriving through the ancestral route?

No – you must provide evidence that you are able to maintain and accommodate yourself without recourse to public funds.

Can I extend an Ancestry visa and if so, how long is the application process?

Your initial visa will be valid for 5 years; it is not usually necessary to apply for an ancestry visa extension unless you have not passed the Life in the UK test and cannot apply for indefinite leave to remain.

When can I apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain?

After 5 years’ continuous residence in this category. Note there is no specified limit on absences from the UK during this period.

What happens if my Ancestry visa is refused?

If your ancestry visa application is refused, you have a right to an administrative review of the decision – this is an internal UKVI review.

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