Javier Alvaro Culebras

Javier Alvaro Culebras
Javier Alvaro CulebrasSenior CaseworkerHe / Him

Accreditations & Education

  • Regulated Foreign Lawyer (RFL) - 2022
  • Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) - 2021
  • Spanish Bar Exam - 2021

In work

Javier Alvaro Culebras has been on a dynamic legal journey. While he is qualified as a solicitor in Spain, he has extended his legal horizons to the United Kingdom with a Regulated Foreign Lawyer Accreditation.

Javier delved into the legal realm in 2018 as a trainee lawyer in a Madrid law firm, operating in Madrid and Galicia. Eager for new challenges, he moved to the UK in December 2020, embracing a role at an immigration law firm. Despite language and cultural adjustments, he passionately pursued his career in immigration law.

Between 2020 and 2022, while working as a paralegal in the UK, Javier achieved a milestone by passing the Spanish Bar Exam and registering with the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM). Simultaneously, he earned recognition as a Regulated Foreign Lawyer (RFL) with the SRA in the UK.

Javier’s early fascination with international and human rights law has remained steadfast. His professional pursuits align with his passion, focusing on Human Rights applications and appeals. In recent times, he has found equal joy in navigating the complexities of corporate and business aspects of immigration law.

Away from work

Outside the legal corridors, Javier finds solace in his lifelong hobbies of reading and writing. While he may not have published anything yet, these creative pursuits fuel his spirit. Javier also unwinds with video games and explores new places through travel, cherishing moments spent with friends and family.

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