Belinda Zhang - Marketing Executive

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Accreditations & Education:BA in English Literature - Mudanjiang Normal University, China
Pronouns:She / her

Belinda graduated from Mudanjiang Normal University in Heilongjiang, China, with a BA in English Literature. She moved to Italy in 2008 and then to the UK in 2017.

During her time in Italy, she founded the Latina Sino-Italian Language and Cultural Exchange Association, where she taught Chinese and spread Chinese culture.

After relocating to the UK, Belinda worked for several years at Latitude Consulting Group – the sister company of Latitude Law, specializing in business investment, incubation, and solutions. Her frequent interactions with clients have given her a deep understanding of the challenges they face when relocating to a new country, and she has always been able to provide them with support in both their professional and personal lives.

Belinda enjoys travelling and reading in her leisure time. Her native language is Mandarin.