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Which type of visa is right for me?

Latitude Law’s Shara Pledger sat down recently with barrister Adam Pipe to discuss the various business immigration options for entrepreneurs wishing to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, covering the Investor, Innovator, Global Talent and Sole Representative routes along the way. It’s an extremely informative conversation if you’re trying to understand more about which UK visa you should apply for.


Which visa is right for me? Which should I apply for?



In the interview, Shara talks through some of the more established UK visa routes, including 

  • Investor visa - a complicated route for individuals and their families who are able to transfer a minimum of £2 million into UK stocks and shares
  • Sole representative of an overseas business - one of the few remaining non-points based work categories, it provides an attractive option for foreign investors


Shara also explained how some of the newer visa routes work, including 

  • Start-up visa - this category aims to appeal to individuals wanting to start a business in the UK 
  • Innovator visa - aimed at entrepreneurs that can demonstrate a credible business idea and their credibility in business
  • Global Talent - for anyone regarded an exceptional talent in the fields of science, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology or the arts


What is the right type of visa for me or my business? 

There are a variety of different routes to UK citizenship, most of which are extremely complex and difficult to navigate. Choosing the right type of visa for you or your business is vital to the appropriateness and success of the application. For more advice and assistance please contact us today.

Thanks to Adam Pipe for the video.


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