Corporate Case Study: Reviewed, Advised & Obtained Correct Sponsor Licence To Ensure Ongoing Free Movement Of Employees Post Brexit

This case study explores how Latitude Law ensured an EU-based business could still enjoy trouble-free movement of personnel into the UK post Brexit.

The Challenges Faced

Our client is a German engineering business holding sizeable build & maintenance contracts within the UK. Brexit ending the free movement of people within the EU had the potential to have a significant negative impact on this client who was previously able to bring their EU workers into the UK to fulfil their contracts.

How Latitude Law Helped

Latitude Law reviewed the client’s proposed 2023 contract with a UK organisation, and provided advice in relation to whether the contract meets the requirements of the Service Supplier – Global Business Mobility Route. We confirmed that the contract complies with the requirements of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. We then applied to add the contract to the UK Sponsor’s existing sponsor licence, and when approved, prepared each worker’s Service Supplier visa application.

The Outcome

The workers that our client sends to the UK do not typically qualify for status under any other category of the Immigration Rules, and the organisation has been providing workers to the UK sponsor throughout the past 30-40 years. Our work has secured this business-critical relationship between EU-based companies post-Brexit.  

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