Personal Case Study: Negotiated With Upper Tribunal & Secretary of State After Refusal Was Improperly Served To Regain Client’s Lawful Status

This case study demonstrates how Latitude Law used their expertise and tenacity in successfully appeal a Home Office asylum decision at the highest level to bring about a life-changing result.

The Challenges Faced

Having been previously refused asylum, this individual had attempted to pursue an appeal against this decision with the First-tier and Upper Tribunals. Unfortunately, as an unrepresented applicant, the client had struggled with this process. She was refused permission to appeal by the Upper Tribunal but unfortunately, she was not notified of this decision, due to improper service. This jeopardised her lawful status in the UK, leaving her without any right to work.

How Latitude Law Helped

At this stage, the client instructed Latitude Law to assist with her complex immigration case. We sought to liaise with the Upper Tribunal regarding their failure to properly serve the determination which was subsequently re-promulgated. Upon receipt, we sought to protect the client’s immigration status by submitting a valid application for leave to remain in the UK on the basis of her relationship with her British partner and the exceptional circumstances surrounding her case.

The Outcome

We were able effectively to salvage a client from a particularly messy and complex immigration history, advising strategically on the provisions of the immigration rules, placing her in a position where she can regularise her status in the UK.

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