Personal Case Study: Latitude Consulting Group Helped Entrepreneur Find Business Solution When Original Company Not Actively Trading

This case study demonstrates how Latitude Law worked collegiately with their business services arm, Latitude Consulting Group, to help this high net worth client work around Home Office regulations regarding business ownership.

The Challenges Faced

The client is an entrepreneur who originally sought advice about his and his family’s extension applications back in 2020 with their permission to remain due to expire in late 2022. The company he originally set up in the UK however was no longer actively trading and had no employees so the family would no longer qualify to reside in the UK.

How Latitude Law Helped

It became imperative therefore that the client established and invested into another business that would meet the visa requirements. Latitude Law, together with Latitude Consulting Group (LCG), helped the client in swiftly assessing and evaluating his potential new business ideas. LCG are specialists in helping largely Chinese nationals to either establish lucrative businesses or to source suitable businesses in which to invest in the UK. These businesses must, not only prove viable, but also provide the opportunity for the entrepreneur, and their family, to live and work in the UK. Understanding all the relevant immigration regulations is therefore crucial to ensure substantial sums of money are not needlessly invested in companies that do not meet the job creation requirements.

On the basis of the client’s new business commitments, Latitude Law was able to provide detailed advice about the visa extension application for him, his wife and his son.

The Outcome

Although the preparation of the subsequent application was complex due to the original business no longer trading, Latitude Law were able to secure the extension for the client and his family on the basis of further investment into another company.

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