Corporate Case Study: Ensured Large PLC Fully Immigration Compliant When Recruiting From Overseas

This case study explores how Latitude Law reviewed the working practices of this large UK based company and helped put new processes in place to manage their overseas recruitment

The Challenges Faced

This principally online business, like many in this sector, has recruitment challenges particularly in finding Software Developers. As such, it is imperative that the client can recruit their preferred candidate regardless of their country of origin to maintain their business objectives.

How Latitude Law Helped

Our focus has been compliance since penalties for not following the letter of the law can be punitive. We ensured the company were familiar with their requirements in relation to frequent Right to Work (RTW) checks, and recruitment into shortage occupation roles. We provided in-house training to their HR team in relation to the various changes to RTW compliance and continue to keep them updated on any relevant changes to the regulations.

The Outcome

Our work with this company demonstrates the value of a proactive approach to immigration compliance, something many employers treat as less than a priority but which can carry harsh penalties if ignored.

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