Corporate Case Study: Juggled Visa Requirements From Numerous Countries Within Short Timeframe Using Bespoke Document Management System

This case study details how Latitude Law were able to handle the visa requirements from a wide range of countries under the tight deadline of attending an upcoming event by utilising their bespoke Document Management System.

The Challenges Faced

A US global immigration firm instructed us at short notice to assist in securing visas for a number of influencers and professional e-gamers who were due to attend a promotional event in the UK organised for a global gaming company. This company are the makers of some well know computer games and were launching a mobile version of one of their best-selling games. The tight deadline for  securing all 12 visas in time for the event put the success of the launch in jeopardy.

How Latitude Law Helped

We advised on the complexity of the applicants’ ability to attend the event in the UK and be paid at a later stage from a non-UK source for social media posts and other online engagement.

This instruction made use of our Halcyon portal, enabling Latitude lawyers to securely receive personal and event information and supporting documents from individuals and sponsoring organisations in as short a time as possible. Our team was then able to use Halcyon’s unique functionality to review, comment on and update answers received before making the documentation upload-ready to government portals. Thereafter, arranging for gamers to attend a wide range of visa application centres, sometimes outside their country of residence, because of limited availability of priority processing.

The Outcome

This was a logistically challenging set of cases but ultimately the work was completed to the complete satisfaction of the corporate client and the individuals. All 12 influencers and e-gamers successfully obtained their visas in the short timeframe we had to prepare them and attended the  successful launch event.

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