Corporate Case Study: Provided Client With Detailed Immigration Advice On Variety Of Visa Routes

This case study explores how Latitude Law helped a business client in the construction sector manage their multiple overseas workers and ensure they are fully compliant in regards current immigration regulations

The Challenges Faced

The significant number of overseas workers employed by this Portuguese headquartered group of companies in a range of positions across a range of different visa options means this client has complex immigration needs.

How Latitude Law Helped

For each employee, Latitude Law assessed whether the worker qualifies for permission to enter as a visitor undertaking a business activity permitted under the Immigration Rules, whether the worker requires sponsorship or otherwise qualifies for entry, for example as a frontier worker. If the workers can travel as visitors, Latitude Law prepared detailed travel packs for each worker, and reviewed their personal immigration history to ensure there was no reason why the worker would not be able to meet all relevant requirements. Latitude Law also retain and monitor travel information for each worker to ensure that they did not remain in the UK for excessive periods which would impact their ability to meet visit requirements in future.

The Outcome

With Latitude Law managing the UK immigration status of workers for this group of European-based companies, they can be confident that they remain fully compliant and do not risk the potentially significant penalties that can be imposed for regulation breaches. The advice provided by Latitude Law has enabled the business to continue to enter into contracts with UK organisations – an essential part of its business, and crucial to the success of many UK-centred maintenance and supply contracts.

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