Corporate Case Study: Provided Complex Visa Support For Niche Requirements Of Religious Organisation

This case study explores how Latitude Law’s solicitors expertly advise religious organisations on the dedicated visa routes available to them.

The Challenges Faced

This small religious body needed expert immigration advice on their niche requirements for their numerous visa, extension and settlement applications for Ministers of Religion and Religious Workers.

How Latitude Law Helped

Our specialism in this sector means Latitude Law could professionally counsel this religious organisation. As their named legal representatives and level 1 user on the organisation’s Sponsor Management System (SMS) account, we monitored compliance with licensee duties and provided training to in-house administrative staff on use of the system and monitoring sponsored priests and workers

We further advised on the addition of a number of branches to this sponsor licence, from a mixture of parishes and schools. Providing evidence in compliance with sponsor guidance of the relationship between sponsor and location was not always straightforward, the sponsor having taken responsibility for pastoral care in certain locations on behalf of other parts of the Catholic establishment.

The Outcome

We have visited main client sites in the North West of England and provided advice, guidance and training to ensure this organisation is able to continue to bring overseas priests and other religious workers into the UK.

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Are you a religious organisation who employs ministers of religion from overseas? Do you need help ensuring your organisation is fully immigration compliant? Latitude Law is here to help. We are specialist in this sector, advising many religious organisations on the dedicated routes available to them whilst ensuring that the complex regulations are understood and adhered to. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ensure your religious body can bring in overseas ministers whilst avoiding potential costly breaches.

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