Corporate Case Study: Employed Bespoke Service Supplier Licensing & Visa Route To Provide Business-Critical Supply Of Overseas Contractors

This case study highlights how Latitude Law’s expert knowledge of this niche and complex visa route ensured that the client had access to the right workers in the right location on a short-term basis.  

The Challenges Faced  

Client is an Austria-headquartered multi-national manufacturer and supplier of wood products  A particular niche area for this business is the Service Supplier route, whereby contractual service suppliers employed by sub-contractors, and self-employed workers, may enter the UK and provide services to the client. The provisions of the Immigration Rules are complex and must be understood against the background of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA) as the risk of non-compliance is real and carries stringent penalties if paperwork is not in order.  

How Latitude Law Helped 

In addition to visa-handling across several worker routes, Latitude Law provided the organisation with specialist immigration training in relation to visitors and workers from the EU so that the HR team are fully conversant with the firm’s obligations under the complicated set of regulations that apply. 

The Outcome 

This is business-critical matter for the ongoing success of the client’s UK-based operations across 2 sites, where several thousand workers are employed. The client can now confidently bring workers into the UK without fear of prosecution.  

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