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Our team of expert solicitors has extensive knowledge and years of experience helping individuals achieve their settlement in the UK.

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What is settlement in the UK?

Settlement, also called ‘indefinite leave to remain’ is unending permission to reside in the UK. This status removes restrictions on travel or work and allows the holder to receive UK benefits. Settlement is often available to applicants after they have completed at least five years’ UK residence in a qualifying immigration route.

Applications for settlement can be complicated, and the requirements will vary depending on your immigration category. Our helpful solicitors are on hand to advise and assist, whether you would like information about an application or help to complete it.

Who is eligible for settlement?

Settlement is only available to those who meet the specific requirements of their immigration route.

For most applicants, this will mean completing five years’ continuous UK residence and satisfying any other criteria their route demands. For example:

  • Partners can settle in the UK after five years if their relationship remains valid and they satisfy income and other requirements
  • Workers can settle after five years, providing they remain in a suitably highly skilled and well-paid position and they retain the support of their employer

Almost all applicants for settlement will need to prove their English language ability and their knowledge of life in the UK. This is usually achieved by completing tests approved by the Home Office for this purpose.

Once settlement is secured, an individual may be able to later apply for British citizenship. In some cases, there may need to be a delay of one year before such an application can be made. Citizenship has different requirements to settlement, so separate advice is recommended.

How we can help with your settlement application?

Settlement applications are submitted online and are usually supported by specified evidence confirming your time in the UK and that you satisfy the requirements of your immigration route.

Our expert solicitors can help you to identify the correct application form and the documents needed for a successful outcome.

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Settlement FAQs

Is there a fee to apply for settlement?

Yes, settlement fees are around £2,500 in most categories. For more information regarding fees, visit the government website to see which fee will apply to you.

What is the meaning of 'leave to remain'?

Leave to remain in the UK is another way of saying ‘permission to stay’. Indefinite leave to remain is permanent permission to stay in the UK.

Can students qualify for settlement?

Not based on their study alone. Students are not on a UK settlement route, so their study is not building up qualifying time for settlement.

However, students can combine their status with other categories and when they have completed 10 years’ continuous lawful residence, may apply for settlement on that basis (unless they qualify for it some other way first).

How long does it take to process a settlement visa application?

You should receive a decision on your application within six months. However, you can pay for a faster decision in some circumstances. Our aim to prepare clear and persuasive settlement applications which can be processed quickly by the Home Office.

Can you lose your UK settlement status?

Settlement in the UK can only usually be lost if you are absent for a continuous period of two years or more, or if you commit a serious criminal offence and are deported from the UK.

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Stalled EU Settlement Scheme application

Just to thank you all for the help given with Bodil's EU Settlement Scheme application, which came through in the last few days.

A good friend of ours once said: "People do not employ lawyers because they help; they employ them because they make a difference".

I'm convinced that referral to Latitude did jolt the Home Office into progressing consideration of the application, and it made all the difference.

T & B.

Allowed Appeal

To Gemma and the team, Thank you very much for your amazing job done. You are life savers.

Four British passports

The British passports of my four children successfully reached us this week.

I wanted to thank the Latitude Law Firm for the constant professional support provided to us throughout the process. Your services have been helpful for us at each stage of the process. We would be happy to hire you again in the future for the process of my husband, and would also recommend your firm to others around us.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work of Joel Reiss towards the successful completion of our case. His support for all of us from day 1 till the very last day has been commendable. Me and my children are very thankful to him for the smooth execution.

Looking forward to hiring the firm for our next case as well.

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