EEA Permanent Visa Applications

Latitude Law specialises in advising clients on all aspects of European migration law. In light of the Brexit vote, the need for EEA (European Economic Area) documentation has become more important than ever for nationals of other EU countries, and their families

Act now and act quickly to secure your EEA application

This is a fast-changing area of practice, and our lawyers maintain detailed, up-to-date knowledge of developments in the Court of Justice of the European Union as well as domestic courts. UK Visas and Immigration officials are taking an increasingly tough line with evidence in EEA cases, and it is vital that you prepare your application correctly. Latitude Law’s solicitors have detailed knowledge of the Ruiz Zambrano, Chen & Texeira judgments and can help you to assert your rights under these important decisions.

What do I need to secure permanent residence?

Securing EEA permanent residence can be challenging and you will likely need the help of a specialist Latitude Law solicitor to maximise your chances of success. Generally speaking, you will need to demonstrate that you are an EEA national (or related to one) and have lived in the UK for more than five consecutive years.

Furthermore, you should prove that you or your EEA family member are exercising your treaty rights. This either means that you’re working, self-employed, self-sufficient, looking for employment, or studying.

Your status in a post-Brexit world

The British government has confirmed that transitional arrangements after we leave the EU in March 2019 will maintain current regulations until December 2020.  New systems for economic and family migration will then be needed; we don’t know precisely how these will look, but it is likely that – when making its own immigration rules for EU nationals – the UK will introduce far more regulation.  Our lawyers are monitoring political developments closely, and will be best-placed to advise you on planning your future relocation to the UK.

Why choose Latitude Law?

Whether you are a national of an EEA country seeking to study or work in the UK, or you are a non-EEA family member hoping to live here, our lawyers will be happy to explain European and Home Office rules, regulations and procedures. As a result, we can help you and your family exercise your rights to reside in the UK. We can also provide in-depth legal advice and guidance regarding all aspects of European migration law, ensuring you retain your right to travel between EEA and non-EEA countries.

EEA nationals and their families may benefit from European free movement provisions, and thus it is essential that legal professionals have a full understanding of European legislation and how it is implemented. Even if you already live and work in the UK, you should consider seeking advice about your legal status in the run-up to Brexit. You may be able to obtain a document certifying your right to permanent residence which should avoid any potential difficulties in the future. Once you have this confirmation, you may also wish to consider naturalising as a British citizen – see Naturalisation and Registration for British Citizenship for more details.

European Law Q&As

Am I eligible for an EEA Registration Certificate?

Yes, if you are a citizen of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland, you have relocated to the UK and are engaged in “qualifying activity”, which includes work, study, self-employment or economic self-sufficiency.

What is the duration of an EEA Registration Certificate?

Five years, at the end of which you may be able to apply for permanent residence.

What documents are required to apply for EEA Permanent Residence?

You must prove, with original documents, that you have lived and been economically active in the UK for at least 5 years; useful items include Council Tax bills, P60s and other employment evidence, proof of studies and bank statements.

How long does an EEA Permanent Residence application take?

They are usually decided within around 3 months, but it is hard to be precise. Our experience shows that applications submitted via the online process are dealt with more quickly; this also offers the option of using your local council’s passport-passback service.

What do I do once my EEA Permanent Residence permit expires?

These permits are valid for 10 years. As the UK transitions to a non-EU state, they will be replaced by settlement documents. This process will begin in autumn 2018.

What can I do if my EEA application is refused?

You may have a right of appeal to an independent tribunal, but it is best to seek advice at this point, since reapplication may be a preferable option for you.

What are my employment rights with an EEA Registration Certificate?

You are entitled to work, without restriction, in the UK. Remember, though, that employment must be genuine and effective; we would usually advise a minimum of 16 hours per week.

Am I eligible for an EEA family permit?

Yes, if you are the family member of a qualifying EEA or Swiss national seeking to enter the UK.

How will Brexit impact my EEA Permanent Resident Certificate?

The UK government intends to replace EEA documentation with its own paperwork; this process begins in autumn 2019, and will continue as we leave the EU. It will be mandatory for EEA nationals to replace existing documentation with this new paperwork.

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