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What is the Home Office contact number for BRP replacement?

Everything you need to know about BRPs

There is no direct line to the Home Office for Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) applications. However. instead of a Home Office phone number for BRP, you can call the general enquiries line for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Inside the UK: Call (+44) 0300 790 6268, Monday to Thursday (09:00 to 16:45) or Friday (09:00 to 16:30). If you cannot call 0300 numbers, use (+44) 0203 875 4669.

Outside the UK: Call (+44) 0203 080 0010, Monday to Friday (08:00 to 20:00) or Saturday and Sunday (09:30 to 16:30) UK local time.

If you applied for a BRP inside the UK, you may contact the company who will deliver it. The TNT Courier Service should send you an email or text message letting you know when your BRP will arrive. But you can call (+44) 0345 608 0630 to track or rearrange your delivery.

Getting a BRP inside the UK

You should contact TNT if you miss your BRP delivery, or if it has not arrived within 10 working days of getting your decision letter. TNT will ask for your nine digit consignment number. If you do not know this and TNT are unable to help, you should contact the Home Office to let them know. You should only do this if has been more than 30 days.

My address has changed

If you do not have your decision letter yet and you have moved, you only need to tell the Home Office that your address has changed. If you have got your decision letter, you will also need to tell the TNT Courier Service.

Getting a BRP outside the UK

If you applied from outside the UK, you must collect your BRP within 10 days of arriving in the UK. You will collect it from a Post Office, or from your sponsor if you chose this option. Your decision letter will tell you where you need to go. You’ll also need to bring your passport or travel document with your vignette sticker.

We would strongly advise contacting the Home Office if you are unable to collect your BRP for any reason.

Nominate someone to collect your BRP

If you have a disability or serious illness that means you cannot collect your BRP, you can nominate a family member or someone else to collect it. They will be asked to show your passport as proof that you have entered the UK. They must also have their own passport, BRP, or EU national identity card.

Report a problem with my BRP

You can report any problems or mistakes with your BRP online. For example, if your name is wrong or your BRP arrived damaged. The Home Office will be in touch to tell you what to do, usually within five working days.

My BRP is lost or stolen

If your BRP is lost or stolen, you must apply for a new one inside the UK. You cannot apply for a replacement outside the UK. You can be fined and made to leave the UK if you do not report a lost or stolen BRP, and apply for a new one within three months.

Someone may report this on your behalf if you wish, and the Home Office will be back in touch usually within 24 hours. Do not worry in the meantime, there are more ways you can prove your status without a BRP.

Lost or stolen inside the UK

If your BRP was valid for three months or more, simply report the loss and apply for a new one. If your BRP was due to expire in three months or less, and you plan to leave the UK when it expires, you only need to report the loss. You do not need to apply for a new BRP.

If you plan to exit and come back to the UK within three months of the BRP expiry date, then you should apply for a new one. If you wish to remain in the UK after your BRP expires, you should apply for a visa extension.

Lost or stolen outside the UK

You will need to apply for a replacement BRP visa that allows you to come back to the UK just once. When you return, you can then apply for a new BRP.

Other ways to get in touch

There are more ways you can get in touch rather than struggling to find a Home Office contact number for BRP.


If you are inside the UK, you can email the Home Office online support team at

There is an online portal you can use if you wish to contact UK Visas and Immigration from outside the UK. Each enquiry you send will cost £2.74 via debit or credit card. The cost includes any follow-up emails too.

Postal address

You can also write to the main UK Home Office:

2 Marsham Street

Social media

You may also access Home Office information and contact details via their social media accounts. You can follow their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. They also have a YouTube channel and media blog, but these may not offer contact details.

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