I need an English language test – what can I do?

If outside the UK, you will need to delay your application until such time that you can apply with all the required documents. At present, some SELT centres have reopened.

For Applicants in the UK who wish to extend their visa, UKVI have indicated that immigration and nationality applications can be submitted without the English language test to protect the Applicant’s status in the UK until test centres re-open. The individual will still need to pass the test before the application can be granted.  We still await a formal policy announcement to confirm this.

IELTS have confirmed that tests continue to take place in some locations where permitted and safe to do so, although all IELTS centres in the UK are currently suspended. A list of centres which remain open can be found on their website.

The same applies to those who need to take a Life in the UK test for their immigration or nationality application.