I have applied for a Student or Child Student Visa and I am awaiting a decision on my application. 

The Home Office will permit new students who are applying to switch into the Student or Child Student routes in the UK to commence study ahead of their application being decided if:

  • They are studying with a Student sponsor other than a zero CAS sponsor
  • The Student sponsor has assigned a CAS
  • The course start date is on or before 30 June 2021
  • The applicant has submitted an in-time application and has provided the sponsor with confirmation of that
  • The applicant has a valid ATAS certificate if required for their course of studies

The conditions for allowing the applicant to commence studying in these circumstances are:

  • The course must be that specified on the CAS
  • The sponsor’s reporting duties for the individual commence from the date the CAS is issued– not the date the application is granted
  • The sponsor agrees that they will end their sponsorship and teaching of the applicant if the Home Office ultimately rejects as invalid or refuses the application