I am a Short-term student and my leave is due to expire. What can I do?

Short term students can benefit from a temporary extension of their leave until 31 May 2020 if their leave is expiring and they are unable to leave the UK because of Covid-19. This scheme will be reviewed on 31 May 2020 and may be extended if necessary.

Alternatively, if the person intends to study with an education provider which is a Tier 4 sponsor and willing to sponsor them, they can apply to switch into the Tier 4 category. They will not be required to leave the UK to make this application.

Finally, they can also make an application to extend their leave to remain as a short term student. There is no provision in the Immigration Rules to make this type of application from in-country, so the application will need to be made as an application for leave outside the Immigration Rules.

Where a Short-term student has been given an exceptional extension of their leave in this category, they will be permitted to study on a different course than they originally entered the UK to undertake.