Are we able to continue sponsoring students and provide tuition by remote or electronic means?

Institutions can continue to sponsor Students or Child Students who are outside the UK and who are undertaking distance learning. They can continue to sponsor existing sponsored students who were unable to travel to the UK by 27 September 2021 due to Covid, who will transition to face-to-face or blended learning in the UK by 22 April 2022.

New students can also commence distance learning for the fist academic year if they commence face-to-face teaching upon their arrival in the UK, which must be by 22 April 2022.

From 27 September it is no longer possible to deliver entirely remote teaching to students in the UK.  Students studying in the UK must have face-to-face contact with their Sponsor at least twice per month during term time, on a rolling four-week basis (unless less frequent contact is already permitted under the academic engagement policy).

UKVI guidance continues to state that you do not need to inform the Home Office when a student moves to distance learning. If a student stops engaging with their distance learning for more than 30 days, whether overseas or in the UK, sponsors must withdraw sponsorship.