Refugee and Human Rights Law Solicitors

As a niche Manchester-based law firm specialising in immigration law, we regularly advise clients throughout the North West and the UK on human rights and refugee law issues. Our lawyers draw on many years' experience to provide clear, realistic legal advice on seeking protection under refugee and human rights conventions.

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How we can help

At Latitude Law, our lawyers are thoroughly experienced when it comes to providing legal advice to refugees seeking asylum in the UK, as well as those who are hoping to overturn Home Office decisions on appeal.

Our in-depth knowledge of refugee and human rights law allows us to provide a comprehensive assessment of your chances of success in light of current legislation, case law and Home Office policy.

Our refugee and human rights law solicitors regularly advise clients on:

  • Applying for asylum
  • Human rights law
  • Obtaining refugee or humanitarian protection
  • Obtaining the right for family to join you in the UK
  • Challenging Home Office decisions
  • Appealing to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service

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Why choose us?

We are experienced advocates before the tribunal and possess particular expertise in Middle Eastern and African cases. Working together with renowned UK experts and leading immigration barristers, our lawyers have acted in many cases before the High Court and Court of Appeal in England.

If you have been granted refugee or humanitarian protection and you wish your family to join you in the UK, our refugee and human rights solicitors can prepare the strongest possible application to the British Embassy or High Commission on your behalf.

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