Joining Family in the UK

If you need help securing a visa to travel to the UK to join family settled here, the immigration solicitors at Latitude Law are here to help. We can help you through the application process and provide legal advice and guidance on complex matters, such as appeals.   

To speak to a lawyer about visiting the UK, call us today on 0161 234 6800 or complete our enquiry form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Who can settle in the UK?

You can apply to join family members in the UK in a variety of circumstances.  If you are married to, or in a relationship with, a person who is either a British citizen or who is settled in the UK, you must meet the requirements set out in Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules.

There are a number of suitability and eligibility requirements to be met.  You must be a person of good character, in a genuine and subsisting relationship, who intends to live permanently in the UK. Many people find the financial requirements of the Rules difficult to navigate - at Latitude Law we are experts in the interpretation of these requirements.

Appendix FM also covers those applying to live with, or have contact with, a child settled in the UK, and in some circumstances, older dependent relatives may be eligible to apply.  The rules can be complex, and it is important to get advice before you apply in these categories.

How we can help

The solicitors at Latitude Law can offer all levels of assistance on immigration law, which can often be incredibly difficult to navigate alone. We are able to provide assistance with application preparation, compiling the correct support documentation and challenging refusals though judicial review, administrative review or the appeals system.

It is vital you speak to us as soon as possible so you have the necessary legal support and guidance at every stage of the application process, so we can do everything we can to give you the best possible chance of a successful application for UK residence.   

Why choose us?

We understand the difficulty and distress of having your family living in a different country to you, which is why will do everything we can to ensure they are allowed to visit the UK.

Our experienced solicitors are knowledgeable on immigration rules, Home Office policy and the case law that guides immigration tribunals. We also keep up to date with the most current changes so we are never caught out and remain ahead.

The team’s attention to detail and advocacy skills have been commended by our clients and our professional and effective approach to cases gives you the best possible chance of success.

Contact Latitude Law

Whether you require legal advice regarding an application for permanent or temporary UK residence, or you are searching for an experienced solicitor capable of advising you on the legal implications of potential family applications, we are waiting to hear from you.

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